The Best Hardwired Home Security System

There’s a lot to love about the NX-6 from GE Security.  For starters, it can handle up to 16 zones, meaning you can connect up to 16 different types and locations of sensors up to it and track each one separately.  That should be plenty for any average size home or smaller.  Out of the box, it’s ready to go with 6 hardwired inputs, and the remaining 10 spots are available as expansion modules.  Also, it comes standard with 4 outputs that can be used to activate different effectors when an alarm is triggered.

NX 6 Home Security System

Did I mention that there’s support for 12 wireless zones?  That’s right, this is a combination unit that carries a small amount of support for wireless sensors, something that even the most die-hard wired alarm enthusiast can appreciate.

The module supports 2 completely separate partitions that can be custom configured for separate account codes and individual features, with up to 40 user codes.  This is a very nice capability for small commercial sites where you want managers and employees to have separate access, or you want to be able to track a number of peoples’ comings and going.

On top of all this, this unit comes with the ability to be remotely programmed with optional Windows software.  Easy as can be, you program a flash card at your computer with all the necessary information, bring it to the unit and load it up.

So what situation is a panel like this best suited for?  I would say an existing installation of a hardwired system that you want to ramp up with some additional wireless sensors in strategic locations.  Maybe even a motion sensor or two when it comes to a commercial property.  The ability to mix and match wired and wireless sensors is certainly a bonus for the do it yourself installer and the professional alike.

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