Best Home Security System Sensors

Possibly the coolest sensor that you can integrate into you home security system is the glass break sensor.  If you’re not familiar with this type of component, it’s a sensor that remotely detects a sound print of glass breaking – something that’s a little tough to hide unless you’re breaking into a house in a vacuum.  If that’s the case, you probably have more problems than an alarm system.

When glass is broken, it sends off a very unique sound wave that is almost impossible to mask or reproduce.  Glass break sensors detect this noise through a complex series of filters and signal processors, and give your base station the “high sign” that something’s going on that shouldn’t be.

A single sensor can cover an area up to 50′ in diameter so it typically won’t take more than one sensor centrally located in a room to give you full coverage.  And, if you keep your windows locked, breaking the glass is really the only way that someone can get through them.  That means, potentially, you could forgo window sensors completely.  This is an option that makes a wired security system much more feasible for most people.

My personal favorite is the ShatterPro II Accoustic Glassbreak sensor.  It’s a small (1″ diameter) cylinder that simply sides into a recess that you drill in the ceiling.  this makes it virtually invisible unless you’re scanning the ceiling looking for it.  It has a 25′ detection radius, and can be mounted as close as 3 feet from a window and still be effective.

As a matter of fact, even if you have door and window contact sensors you should consider installing one of these in your main areas as a contact sensor will not trip if the window is broken – only if the intruder breaks the window and then opens it; something you can’t bank on happening.

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