Best Home Security System Review

I’m going to go through a review of a security system with the objective of pointing out some of the features and specifications that you should be aware of.  Remember, I’m not giving this system a blanket “buy” or “don’t buy”, because I don’t know your situation.  It might be completely inappropriate for your situation.  Evaluate it, and determine if it meets your needs or not based partially on the system specifications.  They are:


  • (1) Self-Contained Wireless Residential Control Unit
  • (1) Transformer
  • (1) Passive Infrared Motion Detector
  • (2) DSC Wireless Door/Window Transmitter
  • (1) DSC Wireless Key Fob
  • (1) Telephone Jack Module
  • Installation Guide and User Manual
  • Mounting Hardware


  • Smallest size (5.5″H x 8.08″W x 1.51″D) of any self-contained wireless home security system
  • Two-way audio alarm with monitoring station
  • Controls up to 32 wireless zones and accommodates up to 16 wireless keys
  • Fully programmable labels for LCD display (ex. Kitchen)
  • Large keypad buttons
  • 5 programmable function buttons (Stay Arm, Away Arm, Chime, Bypass and Quick Exit)
  • Easy access keys for emergency (Fire, Auxiliary or Medical, and Panic)
  • Program up to 17 separate codes
  • EZ view status lights
  • False alarm reduction features
  • Compatible with all DSC wireless devices including motion detectors, door and window sensors, smoke alarms and wireless keys
  • Internal Siren: 85 dB

The basics that you’re looking at from a component standpoint is the single motion detector and the two door and window sensors.  Right off the bat, I’m going to tell you that these probably won’t be sufficient.  There aren’t too many houses that have only two points of access to cover.  You could certainly cover your front and back door, but my guess is that you’ll be leaving a lot of ground-accessible windows open to undetected entry.

I have mixed feelings about motion detectors.  At the most basic level, all they can do is tell you when someone is already in your house.  Personally, I want to know when someone is trying to get into my house so I can react with enough time to prevent an actual break and entry.  On another level, motion sensors are inconvenient.  Once you have them armed you can’t move around your house.  If there’s a baby sitter over watching the kids at night, I would like the alarm system to be armed so any window or door entries will be monitored.  That’s just my opinion, though.

The base station has some nice features.  32 wireless zones should be plenty to accommodate all but some very large homes.  The emergency buttons are a nice feature as well, since you don’t have to fumble around for a phone or some small keypad.  When it counts, you want to be able to notify emergency response personnel as easily and quickly as possible.  The programmable labels on the LCD display are a great feature that makes it blindingly simple to see what sensor has been activated.  When you’ve just gotten up out of a dead sleep to see why your alarm system is going off, you want to get information quickly and easily.  This type of display provides that.

So again, I’m not recommending that anyone buy or don’t buy this system.  There’s nothing wrong with it, but you have to evaluate it against your needs to see if it’s the best home security system for you.

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